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How Top 50 Farmers Started

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Our origin story

In the countryside of Denmark, chefs, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and farmers gathered for an intimate discussion on how to to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe and beyond. 

The group unanimously agreed that like chefs have built strong personal brands that diversify their revenue streams, amplify their platform, and attract a new generation to enter the profession, farming needs a similar renaissance. 

Diverse role models are needed that demonstrate how farming can be good business for people and the planet.

These role models need to represent the next generation showing diversity in gender, representation, and lifestyle.

They need to show how farming is sexy and can be a great livelihood. 

From this, Top 50 Farmers was born.

With the goal of creating new opportunities for farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture practices, Top 50 Farmers is led by a consortium of passionate partners who have spent decades working across the value chain to support the regenerative transition. 

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