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Calling all

European Regenerative Farmers

Top 50 Farmers is looking for 50 regenerative farmers from across Europe to serve as role models for the future of agriculture

We're seeding the future

We need more and diverse role models that showcase how farming is good for people and the planet.

Today, just 12% of farmers in the EU are under the age of 40. At the same time, the current food system, which is built on chemical, industrial agriculture, is broken.

Top 50 Farmers is putting a spotlight on the farmers who are practicing and transitioning to regenerative agriculture.

The goal is to inspire a new generation to enter the field and raise awareness about the power of regenerative agriculture by showcasing what's possible. 

Sophisticated adult person smelling vegetables - Color photography

Top 50 Farmers believes in healthy soils and defines regenerative agriculture as farming methods regenerating the microbiome nutrient cycle in soils.

According to Top 50 Farmers, a regenerative agriculture system applies the following practices: 


  • Minimizing soil disturbance                

  • Keeping the soil covered 

  • Crop diversity, companion cropping & rotation

  • Agroforestry and reforestation, rewilding

  • Livestock integration 

  • Composting 

  • No use of of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics or growth hormones

Farms practicing and transitioning to regenerative agriculture

  • Located in the EU, Switzerland, EEA or the UK.

  • Registered as a business

  • Actively applying regenerative practices 

  • Have a clear timeline for phasing out synthetic pesticides and fertilizers

To apply, the farm must be

Farms using seedlings grown in a greenhouse that will spend the majority of their life in soils can be nominated and apply.


Farms using crops grown in soil with greenhouse cover can also apply.

What about greenhouse growing?

Top 50 Farmers focuses on supporting farms building healthy soil through regenerative agriculture.


For this reason, soil-less practices such as aquaponics, hydroponics and container growing where crops are never integrated into a field are not eligible for the nomination.

You are not eligible if...

The nomination opens fall 2024

Europe 2024 Qualifications

Top 50 Farmers Selection Process

The first edition of Top 50 Farmers will be held in 2024. This is what the application process look likes.

November 2024
Nominations Open

Farms can apply directly or be nominated by someone in their community. To be notified when applications open, sign up for our newsletter.

Phase 1

Selection Committee Reviews the Applications

Our team will review all applications. The Selection Committee will ultimately decide who the Top 50 are.

Phase 2

The Top 50 Are Notified

We will send an email out notifying if you have been selected for Top 50 Farmers.


Even if you are not selected for the Top 50, all farmers that apply gain access to our open database of organizations and resources working to support regenerative farmers in Europe.

Phase 3

February 2025
Award Ceremony

You will be celebrated at an Award Ceremony alongside the media, our partners, and leaders of the regenerative movement. This is a community gathering to meet each other, exchange knowledge, and welcome you into the Top 50 Farmers ecosystem.

Phase 4

Mastermind Groups

The mastermind groups kick off. This is a forum for the fifty farmers to meet with corporate executives that have made regenerative commitments and industry thought leaders to share ideas, brainstorm ideas, and co-create solutions for scaling healthy soils in Europe.

Phase 5

Networking and Support

Additionally, you'll have access to a network of organizations and advocates ready to provide guidance and assistance to address any challenges that may surface on your farm journey.




Selection Committee

Founder, Regenerative School

Position / Role

Sandra Villumsen

Founder, Regenerative School

Founder, HECTAR

Position / Role

Audrey Bourolleau

Founder, HECTAR

Chief Agronomist, Soil Capital

Position / Role

Nicolas Verschuere

Chief Agronomist, Soil Capital

Executive Producer, Triangle Monday

Position / Role

Andrea Walji

Executive Producer, Triangle Monday

Our Partners

Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​
Regenerative Agriculture Facilitator ​

What does it mean to be a Top 50 Farmer?

You will join a network of pioneering farms that are scaling regenerative agriculture in Europe.

Share your story

Top 50 Farmers will work to share your farm's story to create awareness about regenerative agriculture and showcase different models for what farming can look like.

Mastermind Group

You have access to the mastermind groups, a common meeting ground to share your opinions on scaling regenerative agriculture  with industry executives who have made regenerative commitments.


You gain access to a support system of other farmers, organizations, and advocates who are available to help solve and address any challenges you might be experiencing on your farm as part of the regenerative transition.


  • Yes! Everyone can nominate a farmer. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when applications open.

  • Yes! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, fill out the contact form or send us an email at

  • If your organization would like to join the T50F network, fill out this application with more information about how you are working to advance regenerative agriculture in Europe.


    One of our team members will follow up on email with details about what membership looks likes and next steps for getting involved.

  • The waitlist is now open to join the Top 50 Farmer's Mastermind groups. You can add yourself to the list here.

  • You can meet the Team behind Top 50 Farmers here.

The Selection Committee is responsible for selecting the fifty farmers.

The committee is comprised of farmers, agronomists, procurement officers, and scientists dedicated to advancing regenerative agriculture.

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