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Bringing together industry executives with regenerative farmers to scale the regenerative transition.

How We Put Farmers First

Entrepreneurial and innovative, a new generation of farmers is demonstrating how agriculture can positively impact biodiversity, climate, and human health.

To sustainably feed a growing population while also safeguarding the planet, Top 50 Farmers aims to make agriculture an attractive livelihood and regenerative farming the industry standard.

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Mastermind Groups

Top 50 Farmers Mastermind Groups unite industry executives with pioneering farmers to address common challenges, foster collaborations, and drive regenerative agriculture's expansion toward 2030 targets.

Each Mastermind group serves as a common meeting ground to unlock new opportunities and explore potential synergies related to financing, supply chains, risk resilience, and marketing.

Woman picking vegetables on a farm with an air of sophistication

Financing the Regenerative Transition

This group is focused on exploring new business models that provide finance to farmers on terms that decrease the financial burden of transitioning to and maintaining a regenerative system.

Regenerative Supply Chains

This group is designed for sustainability, procurement, and branding professional looking at how to transition supply chains and use them as a lever to speed the regenerative transition.

Climate Risk


With the climate becoming more and more unpredictable, farmers and corporations require adpation strategies to hedge against climate events. This small groups discusses how to manage risk along the supply chain.

How the Masterminds Work

The Mastermind Groups  meet quarterly and are designed to facilitate, honest conversation between diverse stakeholders.

Mastermind Group Waitlist

Mastermind Groups are facilitated discussions between industry leaders, regenerative farmers, and thought leaders to unlock innovation and brainstorm solutions that can help scale the regenerative transition.

If you are interested in joining a Top 50 Farmer Mastermind Group, please complete this form with more information about you.

We will review your application and notify you when the Mastermind Groups open.

Which Mastermind Group are you interested in joining?

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Meet the Team

Project Leader

Top 50 Farmers

Analisa Winther

Facilitator and professional of regenerative farmers.

Project Leader

Top 50 Farmers

Cindie Christiansen

Facilitator and professional of regenerative farmers.

Board Member

Chairman of Top 50 Farmers and Founder, Astanor

Eric Archambeau

Facilitator and professional of regenerative farmers.

Board Member

Co-Founder, Climate Farmers

Philippe Birker

Facilitator and professional of regenerative farmers.
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