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Celebrating regenerative

Role Models

Top 50 Farmers is scaling healthy soil across Europe by showcasing the farmers leading the way through regenerative agriculture.

Today, regen ag covers 15% of global cropland

To limit climate change to 1.5 degrees, we must collaborate and transition 40% of cropland to regenerative by 2030.

How Top 50 Farmers Works

Top 50 Farmers works towards scaling regenerative agriculture in Europe in three ways:

Role Models

Each year, Top 50 Farmers runs an open call nomination to identify fifty European farmers practicing or transitioning to regenerative agriculture to serve as role models for the next generation. The fifty farmers gain a platform to share their story and are celebrated at an Award Ceremony to demonstrate what's possible when we farm regeneratively.

A Network
of Solutions

The Top 50 Farmers Network is an acceleration platform of solutions supporting farmers in scaling healthy soils across Europe. The network is by invitation only and acts as an open database of organizations, community hubs, and educational instituitions supporting farmers in implementing regenerative practices locally.

Mastermind Groups

Top 50 Farmers Mastermind Groups brings together executives from corporations that have made regenerative commitments with the top fifty farmers. These facilitated groups are a common meeting ground for knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and co-creating solutions for scaling regenerative agriculture in Europe and beyond. 

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a farming approach that focuses on restoring and enhancing the health of soil, ecosystems, and communities.


Central to regenerative practices is the concept of "living soil," which is rich in organic matter and teeming with microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and earthworms. These organisms play crucial roles in nutrient cycling, improving soil structure, and increasing its capacity to retain water.


Regenerative methods include crop rotation, cover cropping, reduced tillage, composting and integrating livestock, all aimed at minimizing soil disturbance and promoting biodiversity.


By fostering a vibrant, living soil, regenerative agriculture seeks to create sustainable and resilient agricultural systems that can sequester carbon and enhance nutrient-dense food.

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Farmers are

the Future

Top 50 Farmers is an acceleration platform for scaling regenerative agriculture across Europe. 

We celebrate the work of pioneering farmers and bring them together with industry executive to unlock new opportunities across the value chain.

We're seeding the future

Top 50 Farmers understands that regenerative agriculture is not just another farming method. It actively restores ecosystems, bolsters soil health, and heightens biodiversity. This approach is crucial as it not only maintains food production, but also aids in planetary healing.

By sequestering carbon, optimizing water usage, and fostering healthier crops, regenerative agriculture directly address climate change, safeguard food supplies, and protect the Earth for future generations.

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